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There are over 100 commentaries avaiable last time I've checked and the list just keeps growing. It's going to be almost impossible for me to convert all of the commentaries. Please note when downloading commentaries that some of the could be copyrighted.

Enableling video player will require you to make a bible xml file simlar to what is already in media/com_zefaniabible/audio folder the XML file should looks similar to this.

<book id="13"> id=13 in this case is 13th bible which is 1st chornicles.

<chapter id="1"> id= means that it will be 1st chapter. anythign between chapter tags will be relative path from this xml file to the actual mp3 fie.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <book id="13">
        <chapter id="1">1Chronicles/01_1Chronicles.mp3</chapter>
        <chapter id="2">1Chronicles/02_1Chronicles.mp3</chapter>
    <book id="36">                    
        <chapter id="1">Zephaniah/01_Zephaniah.mp3</chapter>

1. !!! IMPORTANT !!! Uninstall any previous version of Zefania Bible before proceding.

Some of the Bibles might be are copyrighted, so proceed at your own risk.

Special Thanks You to Thomas Hunziker From Sermonspeaker project for helping me develop this component by providing instuctional help with this project.
Above all Glory be to our Lord Jesus Christ, for his word, for his help in coding this project.