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The component comes with a scripture plug-in that will either automatically or via {zefaniabible}Gen 1:1{/zefaniabible} key phrase replace and add appropriate scripture reference, and with a editor button this makes it a snap, you can either insert a key phrase or make a direct insertion by passing any future look ups by the plug-in, saving processing time and speeding up page load times. One of the new features is ability to search for scripture in installed site languages allowing you to only have one article that will have scripture reference automatically detected. If you want plugin to also switch the Bible to appropriate language Bible, set your main Bible to only show in one language i.e. for Russian Synodal Bible Russian and King James Bible in English and plugin will find first available Bible if primary Bible is not available and use that Bible as it's scripture Bible.
Some of the features include.

    • Insert scripture directly into the page.
    • Modal View
    • Tooltip
    • Bible Gateway Modal View

Note that default Bible version is (KJV) King James Version

{zefaniabible text asv}Gen 1:1{/zefaniabible}

Genesis 1:1 - American Standard Version 1901
In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

{zefaniabible text rsv}Gen 1:2-5{/zefaniabible}

Genesis 1:2-5 - Russian Synodal
Земля же была безвидна и пуста, и тьма над бездною, и Дух Божий носился над водою.
И сказал Бог: да будет свет. И сталсвет.
И увидел Бог свет, что он хорош, и отделил Бог свет от тьмы.
И назвал Бог свет днем, а тьму ночью. И был вечер, и было утро: день один.

{zefaniabible text}lk 1:3{/zefaniabible}

Luke 1:3
It seemed good to me also, having had perfect understanding of all things from the very first, to write unto thee in order, most excellent Theophilus,

{zefaniabible asv}Gen 1:20-25{/zefaniabible}

Genesis 1:20-25

{zefaniabible rsv}Gen 1:2-5{/zefaniabible}

Genesis 1:2-5

{zefaniabible}lk 1:3{/zefaniabible}

Luke 1:3

{zefaniabible label='Scripture Reference'}Gen 1:2-5{/zefaniabible}

Scripture Reference

{zefaniabible label='Scripture Reference' rsv}Gen 1:2-5{/zefaniabible}

Scripture Reference

{zefaniabible tooltip}Gen 1:2-5{/zefaniabible}

Genesis 1:2-5

{zefaniabible tooltip rsv}Gen 1:2-5{/zefaniabible}

Genesis 1:2-5

{zefaniabible popover}Gen 1:2-5{/zefaniabible}

Genesis 1:2-5

{zefaniabible popover rsv}Gen 1:2-5{/zefaniabible}

Genesis 1:2-5

{zefaniabible biblegateway}Gen 1:2-5{/zefaniabible}

Genesis 1:2-5

{zefaniabible biblegateway rsv}Gen 1:2-5{/zefaniabible}

Genesis 1:2-5

{zefaniabible dialog}Gen 1:2-5{/zefaniabible}

Genesis 1:2-5

{zefaniabible dialog rsv}Gen 1:2-5{/zefaniabible}

Genesis 1:2-5

Multi Scripture support
{zefaniabible dialog rsv}John 1-3;3:16;6:14,44;3:2-5:5;7:1-3,2-4{/zefaniabible}
John 1-3,John 3:16,John 6:14,John 6:44,John 3:2-5:5,John 7:1-3,John 7:2-4