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Enableling video player will require you to make a bible xml file simlar to what is already in media/com_zefaniabible/audio folder the XML file should looks similar to this.

<book id="13"> id=13 in this case is 13th bible which is 1st chornicles.

<chapter id="1"> id= means that it will be 1st chapter. anythign between chapter tags will be relative path from this xml file to the actual mp3 fie.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <book id="13">
        <chapter id="1">1Chronicles/01_1Chronicles.mp3</chapter>
        <chapter id="2">1Chronicles/02_1Chronicles.mp3</chapter>
    <book id="36">                    
        <chapter id="1">Zephaniah/01_Zephaniah.mp3</chapter>