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John chapter 3

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There was a man G444 of the Pharisees, G5330 named G3686 Nicodemus, G3530 a ruler G758 of the Jews: G2453
The same G3778 came G2064 to Jesus G2424 by night, G3571 and said G2036 to him, Rabbi, G4461 we know G1492 that you are a teacher G1320 come G2064 from God: G2316 for no G3762 man G3762 can G1410 do G4160 these G5023 miracles G4592 that you do, G4160 except G3362 God G2316 be with him.
Jesus G2424 answered G611 and said G2036 to him, Truly, G281 truly, G281 I say G3004 to you, Except G3362 a man G5100 be born G1080 again, G509 he cannot G3756 G1410 see G1492 the kingdom G932 of God. G2316
Nicodemus G3530 said G3004 to him, How G4459 can G1410 a man G444 be born G1080 when he is old? G1088 can G1410 he enter G1525 the second G1208 time G1208 into G1519 his mother's G3384 womb, G2836 and be born? G1080
Jesus G2424 answered, G611 Truly, G281 truly, G281 I say G3004 to you, Except G3362 a man G5100 be born G1080 of water G5204 and of the Spirit, G4151 he cannot G3756 G1410 enter G1525 into G1519 the kingdom G932 of God. G2316
That which is born G1080 of the flesh G4561 is flesh; G4561 and that which is born G1080 of the Spirit G4151 is spirit. G4151
Marvel G2296 not that I said G2036 to you, You must G1163 be born G1080 again. G509
The wind G4151 blows G4154 where G3699 it wants, G2309 and you hear G191 the sound G5456 thereof, G846 but can G1492 not tell G1492 from where G4159 it comes, G2064 and where G4226 it goes: G5217 so G3779 is every G3956 one that is born G1080 of the Spirit. G4151
Nicodemus G3530 answered G611 and said G2036 to him, How G4459 can G1410 these G5023 things be?
Jesus G2424 answered G611 and said G2036 to him, Are G1488 you a master G1320 of Israel, G2474 and know G1097 not these G5023 things?
Truly, G281 truly, G281 I say G3004 to you, We speak G2980 that we do know, G1492 and testify G3140 that we have seen; G3708 and you receive G2983 not our witness. G3141
If G1487 I have told G2036 you earthly G1919 things, and you believe G4100 not, how G4459 shall you believe, G4100 if G1437 I tell G2036 you of heavenly G2032 things?
And no G3762 man G3762 has ascended G305 up to heaven, G3772 but he that came G2597 down G2597 from heaven, G3772 even the Son G5207 of man G444 which G3588 is in heaven. G3772
And as Moses G3475 lifted G5312 up the serpent G3789 in the wilderness, G2048 even so G3779 must G1163 the Son G5207 of man G444 be lifted G5312 up:
That whoever G3956 G3588 believes G4100 in him should not perish, G622 but have G2192 eternal G166 life. G2222
For God G2316 so G3779 loved G25 the world, G2889 that he gave G1325 his only G3439 begotten G3439 Son, G5207 that whoever G3956 G3588 believes G4100 in him should not perish, G622 but have G2192 everlasting G166 life. G2222
For God G2316 sent G649 not his Son G5207 into G1519 the world G2889 to condemn G2919 the world; G2889 but that the world G2889 through G1223 him might be saved. G4982
He that believes G4100 on G1519 him is not condemned: G2919 but he that believes G4100 not is condemned G2919 already, G2235 because G3754 he has not believed G4100 in the name G3686 of the only G3439 begotten G3439 Son G5207 of God. G2316
And this G3778 is the condemnation, G2920 that light G5457 is come G2064 into G1519 the world, G2889 and men G444 loved G25 darkness G4655 rather G3123 than G2228 light, G5457 because G1063 their deeds G2041 were evil. G4190
For every G3956 one that does G4160 evil G5337 hates G3404 the light, G5457 neither G2532 G3756 comes G2064 to the light, G5457 lest G2443 G3361 his deeds G2041 should be reproved. G1651
But he that does G4160 truth G225 comes G2064 to the light, G5457 that his deeds G2041 may be made G5319 manifest, G5319 that they are worked G2038 in God. G2316
After G3326 these G5023 things came G2064 Jesus G2424 and his disciples G3101 into G1519 the land G1093 of Judaea; G2449 and there G1563 he tarried G1304 with them, and baptized. G907
And John G2491 also G2532 was baptizing G907 in Aenon G137 near G1451 to Salim, G4530 because G3754 there was much G4183 water G5204 there: G1563 and they came, G3854 and were baptized. G907
For John G2491 was not yet G3768 cast G906 into G1519 prison. G5438
Then G3767 there arose G1096 a question G2214 between G1537 G3326 some of John's G2491 disciples G3101 and the Jews G2453 about G4012 purifying. G2512
And they came G2064 to John, G2491 and said G2036 to him, Rabbi, G4461 he that was with you beyond G4008 Jordan, G2446 to whom G3739 you bore G3140 witness, G3140 behold, G2396 the same G3778 baptizes, G907 and all G3956 men come G2064 to him.
John G2491 answered G611 and said, G2036 A man G444 can G1410 receive G2983 nothing, G3762 except G3362 it be given G1325 him from heaven. G3772
You yourselves G5210 G846 bear G3140 me witness, G3140 that I said, G2036 I am G1510 not the Christ, G5547 but that I am G1510 sent G649 before G1715 him.
He that has G2192 the bride G3565 is the bridegroom: G3566 but the friend G5384 of the bridegroom, G3566 which G3588 stands G2476 and hears G191 him, rejoices G5463 greatly G5479 because G1223 of the bridegroom's G3566 voice: G5456 this G3778 my joy G5479 therefore G3767 is fulfilled. G4137
He must G1163 increase, G837 but I must decrease. G1642
He that comes G2064 from above G509 is above G1883 all: G3956 he that is of the earth G1093 is earthly, G1537 G3588 G1093 and speaks G2980 of the earth: G1093 he that comes G2064 from heaven G3772 is above G1883 all. G3956
And what G3739 he has seen G3708 and heard, G191 that he testifies; G3140 and no G3762 man G3762 receives G2983 his testimony. G3141
He that has received G2983 his testimony G3141 has set G4972 to his seal G4972 that God G2316 is true. G227
For he whom G3739 God G2316 has sent G649 speaks G2980 the words G4487 of God: G2316 for God G2316 gives G1325 not the Spirit G4151 by measure G3358 to him.
The Father G3962 loves G25 the Son, G5207 and has given G1325 all G3956 things into G1722 his hand. G5495
He that believes G4100 on G1519 the Son G5207 has G2192 everlasting G166 life: G2222 and he that believes G544 not the Son G5207 shall not see G3700 life; G2222 but the wrath G3709 of God G2316 stays G3306 on G1909 him.